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danishroyalty's Journal

Admirers of Ann-Marie MacDonald
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We have created this community for those who share a love for the literary, film and theatre work of Ann-Marie MacDonald.

This is a forum for discussion of her novels, plays and film roles. Picture posts are encouraged (though we ask that you be courteous and place photos behind a cut). Intelligent, insightful posts are encouraged, though the ILoveAnn-MarieMacDonald! comments are welcome, too (as we are not averse to squeeing ourselves on occasion).

We discourage inappropriate posts, negative comments of a derogatory nature, and rudeness.

Otherwise, anything is fair game (but let's make sure to keep the posts Ann-Marie-related).

Oh, and your moderators, cal333 and dana13, are the biggest Ann-Marie MacDonald fans ever. No contest.

Happy posting!
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